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The Forsyte Saga Picspam Part 3

Episode 3!!!!!!  We see Soames at his cruelest, a whole lot of fornicating, a bloody death, a cat fight, and pervy bloomer sniffing.  SUCH A GOOD EPISODE!  If you need a refresher, check out the ep 1 and ep 2 picspams.

So, we start off by both Soames and Irene remembering this moment:

But they have very different reactions to the memory:

Oh, he so knows what she's thinking about.

Fake smiles as he tries to act like the night before had never happened.

He asks her where she's been, she replies Robin Hill (which is where The House is) and he knows that she was there because of Bosinney, but he chooses to believe her story about her only going to decorate the house, and he gets his hopes up that she's happy to be moving to the country to start anew.  Poor, clueless Soames. :(  Actually, right now, he's not clueless at all, he's just choosing to be clueless.

Again, the man is obsessed with her hair being PERFECT!  I think in another life he was a hair stylist.  Of course, this is his freakish way of being intimate with her, and I think her face says it all.  "What the hell???"

He asks her to go away with him to... I forget.  Some country that isn't England.

She refuses and he's suspicious, but she gives him some bogus excuse about the house, which once again gets his hopes up that she's excited about the house because of THEM and not Bosinney.

But then she crushes his hopes again with some cold remark that I can't remember.  BAH!  My damn memory!  I apologize, I was too mesmorized by Damian's beauty. (ha, no one can blame me for that, now can they?)

The House

Soames showing off his new toy to his parents, then he takes them out to the veranda to look at the view, leaving Bosinney and Irene all alone...

BUSTED!  Booyah!

Soames: Huh?  What's going on?  Oh... they're at it again. *sigh*

Soames: You won't even try for my parents?
Irene: I'm here aren't I?
Soames: Yes, and why is that?  You don't care about this house one bit!
Irene: Oh, you're entirely wrong about that. *coughBosinneymadeitforMEcough*

Oh, it is ON, bitch!

Takes a jibe at Bosinney's extravagant spending spree...

And concocts an extremely petty argument about the budget (again) and says that Bosinney broke the contract and must pay back all the money, but of course everyone knows this is all about Irene.

Yeah, she is SO not worth the fuss, Soamesy.  SERIOUSLY!  I mean, look who she fell in love with:

Emo Boy.  Blech.  Anyway, Bosinney is all, "You're crazy!  I'm not paying you anything.  So what are you going to do about that, huh?"

Soames: I'm going to take it to trial.
Bosinney: Oh damn.  Damn damn damn!  My emoness will never save me now.  I can't afford a trial, and it will ruin my good name.

Soames: Ha!  What name?  You're name is as worthless as your word!
Bosinney: You don't have the guts to take this silly claim to court.

Oh, no he di'int!

Soames: Grr, I will crush you with all my moutainous piles of money.
Bosinney:  *scoff* Whatever.  You won't win.  Idiot. *leaves in a huff*

Irene: 350 pounds?
Soames: It's a petty sum, he's beneath our contempt.
Irene: You're beneath my contempt.
Soames: *is a wounded puppy*
Irene: You know Phil can't afford a trial!  This will ruin him!

Phil?!!  I will not have that man make a fool of me!

Don't worry, you do that all on your own.

... *is a wounded puppy again*

And all alone. :'(

Darty's gossiping with the ladies and drinking tea, because that's basically all he's good at doing.

Irene and emo boy are officially getting it on.

This dude refuses to take Bosinney on as an architect because of the trial.

Awww, pwoor wittle emo boy, boohoohoo.

Irene cheers him up, and they plan to run away together after the trial.

Soames finds out that Irene has been gone all day, and is not yet home.

He panics because he knows where she's been, and he literally feels his heart hurting at the notion of her leaving him for good.

He thinks he sees them...

But he didn't.

June finds out about the trial and is ridiculously worried about emo boy.  UGH!  June, he is SO NOT worth the fuss!  What is wrong with you, girl?  And this is yet another way that June and Soames mirror each other, because no matter how bad they are betrayed, their love never dies.

Jolyon sees Irene and Bosinney canoodling in the park.

He's still very much in love with his second wife, by the way.  And they decide to move to the country with Jolyon Sr.


Soames is alone at the dinner table, again, and he's drinking up a storm.  He is no longer the bumbling, clueless Soames that we all fell in love with. :(

In fact, he's downright mobsterish, which makes me squee like crazy.  OMG!  DAMIAN SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE SOPRANOS!  LOOK AT HIM!  He keeps reminding me of DeNiro, which makes me love him even more.  GAH, COULD DAMIAN BE ANY MORE PERFECT? *clears throat*  Anyway, back to the show...

He really, really wants some loving, and he wants so desperately to have with Irene what Bosinney has with her, and he truly, truly believes in his twisted head that all he has to do is force it on her and she'll see the light.  So what does he do?

He contemplates going into her room...

And he does.

And she looks all innocent, which adds to the atrocity of this moment.  Also, the fact that she left her door unlocked means that for all her hate of him, she's always trusted him, even after the carriage incident where he threatened to beat her.  So, Soames breeching this trust is absolutely horrid.  But he's desperate, and he's been feeling powerless, and in his mind, Irene belonged to him, and he wanted what was [in his mind] rightfully his.  She wouldn't give it to him, so he decided to take it.

What's odd is that he's doing this terrible thing, but he so desperately wants to be tender and intimate and loving.  But then she wakes up:

And he throws her against the wall.

And she scratches him. (Woohoo!  Go Irene!  Yes, I'm actually rooting for Irene.  This is the one and only time).

And then his passion basically explodes and all of his frustration and confusion and... love comes out of him.  He begs her to imagine that he's Bosinney because he wants to experience what it's like to be loved by her, even if it's artificial.  But of course she screams and tries to fight him off because he's absolutely insane!

And the maid hears, and she wants to stop what's going on, but she knows that she can't. :(

Soames, in his twisted, twisted mind, believes this to have been a great moment, and he says, "Why can't it always be like this?"  He definitely got off on having all the power, and he loved the emotion in it, even if it wasn't the emotion from her that he had wanted.  I think he was so used to her being like stone that he just wanted some kind of reaction out of her, but he's speaking very tenderly after all this.

And Irene is scared and humiliated and traumatized and she just wants him to go away.

And he tries to give her a tender kiss goodnight.  OMG, WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?  SERIOUSLY?

He got what he wanted, he actually believes that that's what love is, and the bully in him is ridiculously happy to have all the control back.  He made her feel powerless, and that's exactly what he wanted to do.  The next day he acts like all is right with the world and that he didn't commit an atrocious act the night before.

Irene tells Bosinney about what happened.

He gets pretty angry...

And he calls out Soames in his club, but the club dudes throw him out while Bosinney shouts that Soames is a coward.

Soames comes out of the shadows...

And is proud of himself for having enough money that other people do his dirty work for him, because like any bully, he is a total coward who only faces off against people that he knows he can overpower.  He can't overpower Bosinney.  And that little smile there?  It just seems to add to his patheticness, so I can't even be mad at him for being an asshole.

Bosinney dies after making a whole lot of over the top facial expressions.  Not really a sad moment, I'm afraid.  Actually, I was quite happy to be rid of him.  Man, he was annoying!

Once again, Soames believes that everything is all peachy between them, and that what he did the night before actually fixed everything that was wrong between them.

The Necklace.  This is Soames being romantic again, and for some reason, this necklace is a huge deal to him.

He's being all tender and sweet and trying to tell her how much he loves her, only... he's not very good at doing that, and she's still scared of him.  And he always manages to say all the wrong things, like, "How about we let bygones be bygones and forget all that's happened."  And when he says that, he's implying that he'll forgive her for cheating on him and he sees no fault in his own actions.  Oy!  Soames!  Get a clue, man!

Irene obviously tells him, "Fat chance," and once again all of his hopes are crushed.

Soames is worried about the trial (no one knows yet that Bosinney is dead).

But then he sees how young Bosinney's lawyer is.

And then he sees June.

Soames: Ugh, what is she doing here?

She makes him believe for a second that she's there to support him...

But then she insults him and lets him know that she's there for Bosinney, and he's all, "Ah, right, of course.  How on Earth did I fall for that one?"

*sigh*  OMG!  I swear, if he and June weren't related, I would so be shipping them!!!  Of course, cousins seem to be falling in love with each other like crazy in this show, so... maybe I could ship them.  No... too weird.

Irene leaves Soames.

She waits for Bosinney at the hotel, but he never shows.

She goes to apartment to look for him, and finds June instead.

Irene: Oh... you.  Hmph.  What are you doing here?  I'm the one he's in love with.
June: Shut it, you!  I came to tell him that he lost the case, he never showed up to the court.
Irene: ... It's okay, we'll get through it together.
June: We? I loved him first, damn it!
Irene: I left Soames, just like you always told me to.
June: Well lahdifreakindah
Irene: Aren't you just like Soames?  Trying to buy Phil's love when he can never love you?

June: Don't you dare compare me to Soames!  Look at you all soft and composed.  Damn it woman, show some emotion!  You are made of stone! [side note: thus proves that June is Soames, since he says this exact same thing to Irene several times]
Irene: I do feel!  I love Phil!
June: You don't know what love is!  You can't feel passion!  He's not here with you, maybe he smartened up and got away from you while he still could.  There's no life in you, so you suck it out of everyone that you meet!

Bwahahaha.  Ooo, look who the teeth-baring beast is now.  In fact, she's making the exact same face that Soames made in ep 2 during the carriage scene.  Interesting.

Oh, poor June! :'( *hugs to chest*

Soames is pleased because he won the case, and he wants to celebrate with Irene.

Then he finds out she left...

With suitcases.

He runs up to her room and searches all the drawers to find them all full...

And he stops to sniff her underwear.  Bwahahahahahaha.  As if Soames could get any creepier.

Yeah... except his HEART!!! >:(

And lo, he breaks my heart once again.  Despite everything, he still owns my soul, and I still feel absolutely everything that he does, and I desperately hurt for him here.  He's lost her once and for all (or so he thinks, anyway).

Nervously biting his nails as he worries that Irene will never come back.  OMG, SO ADORABLE!

Uncle Jolyon wants to buy the house on Robin Hill, because June begged him to.  "You have no use for it anymore, Soames."

Wha... bu... how... she--she just left me, for pete's sake!

The police want to see Soames.  Uh oh.


Blah blah blah wasted talent, blah blah, she'll be waiting for him, you know.

Ooo, you're right.  She's going to come back to me, squeeeeeee!!!

Uncle Jolyon implies that Soames was the reason why Bosinney was dead (he blamed the case)

And Soames, who knows the real reason, actually shows a bit of remorse for once in his life.

Jolyon tells Irene about Bosinney.

And she goes back to Soames because she has nowhere else to go, and she knows that he'll always take her back, no matter what she does.

This all happened for a reason.  This is a sign.

Oh, you have got to be kidding me.

We're meant to salvage something.  Salvage us.

And thus we are left with an ever hopeful Soames, and an absolutely miserable Irene.  Awesome episode.  And it only gets better (but worse for our lovely Soames).

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