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The Forsyte Saga Picspam Part 2

Well... I don't think anyone looked at my Forsyte picspam, so there's really no point in doing ep 2, but in the words of Martina McBride, I'll "do it anywaaaaaaaaay" because I am utterly obsessed with this series at the moment. I don't know why, but I adore these Victorian period BBC productions. I have so many of them, and I get so obsessed after I watch them. And I love love LOVE when my men are in them. OMG, DAMIAN IS SOOOOOOOO PRETTY!!! Awkward, but still beautiful. So now I bring you part 2, where the misery really starts to set in (and we get a little bit of Soames and June interaction, and they are beyond awesome together. Probably because they are reflections of each other, only June's soul is full of light while Soames' is full of darkness. They share the same motivations, but they make different choices). Again, I recommend this series to all who enjoy these victorian stories, and I most definitely rec it to all Damian fans (even if you're just a semi-fan), because it is truly a brilliant performance. I know he gets all his credit from being in Band of Brothers, but I actually think he was even more brilliant in this. Anyway, on with the picspam. If you need a refresher on what happened in ep 1, just check out this post.

A funeral. The aunt has died. :'(

On the way to the reception, Soames asks Bosinney to go with him to the country to look at a spot that he picked out for a country house. (Bosinney is an architect). He asks Soames if Irene knows about it, and Soames tells him no, "It's a surprise." Now... this whole house thing is Soames' idea of being romantic (and... really, it is, because he's buying it purely for Irene, and he's spending a ridiculous amount of money on it to make it unique and artistic (because Irene is artistic and sadly he has no clue what being artistic entails). But... it's also another way for Soames to control her. He wants to be included in every little detail of Irene's life, and he's basically smothering her, which is making her miserable. Well... that and the fact that she's in love with the emo beta male architect, and Soames is so far from being an emo beta male. Anyway, more reasons for wanting to move her to the country will be revealed later.

Soames in his funeral sash, squeeeeeeeee!!!!  I don't know why, but he looks so ridiculously handsome in that sash.  That's his mother that he's talking to, by the way.

She questions him about Irene's health.

He sees Irene laughing and sneers at June and says that she causes Irene to be "flibbety jabbity."  Bwahahaha.  Oh Soames, I love you.

These two are having eye sex again.  Obviously June is not the person that Soames should be worrying about.

Soames thanking everyone for coming to the funeral.  When he gets to his sister, he says, "Thank you for coming Winifred, well done."  She balks at him and says, "Oh stop it, Soames, you're making it sound like it's your own funeral."  Hee.  I love Freddie.  She's always baffled by her brother's social ineptitude.


Jolyon Sr. and Jr. make up, because they were desperately missing each other all these years.

Okay, back to my lovely Soames (and no, he is not featured as prominently as I make him out to be, but as far as I'm concerned, Soames is #1):

Telling his parents about his country house plans...

And drinking tea!  Squeeeeeeee, look how adorable he is!  OMG!

The parents know that Irene will so not be pleased.

Soames: Oh, but she will be.  No one can resist my romanticism.  Trust me.
Parents: ... *same look as previous pic*

A sour face as he talks about June.  Oh, how he hates that poor girl.  And yes, his main reason for moving to the country is to get Irene as far away from June as possible, because he knows that she encourages Irene's hatred of him.

More tea drinking, squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Awkward smile as his parents ask him about him and Irene having separate rooms.

NOT HAPPY!  Apparently he's the last person to know that his non-existent sexual life is the talk of the town.

Bosinney tells June about the secret house, and June tells Irene.  Irene is NOT HAPPY.  Because not only does she have no choice in it, but the money that Soames will be paying Bosinney is enough for Bosinney and June to get married, and this kills her the most, and so naturally she blames Soames for her misfortune, because innerly, she's just as emo as Bosinney.

Soames tells her that his parents just told him that he and Irene are sharing separate rooms.
Irene: Uh oh...

Soames has a temper tantrum.

Then he softens and tells her about the house with a hopeful light in his eyes.  She tells him that she already knows.
Soames: Who told you?
Irene: June.

Soames: Of course. [/Ryan Howard]

Soames asks her if she's pleased.  She asks if it matters.

Soames: Of course it does!  I did it for yoooooooou!  I love you I love you I love you! (okay, so he didn't say those last two sentences, but that's what he was trying to say).
Irene: So I have a choice in the matter?

Soames: N-no, but I'd like you to be pleased.

Soames: It's a new beginning.  You can be all artsy-fartsy out there with all the color and beauty and all that artistic malarky that you always talk about and so on and so forth.

Still not pleased.

Soames: It would be a great place for our children to grow up.  Can't you think of the happiness and pleasure that children can bring?  Especially to a mother?  Don't you want that for us?
Irene: *is deadly silent*

Soames is desperately waiting for her to say yes, and my heart hurts for him SO MUCH right here.

And this is where Soames FINALLY gets a clue.  He realizes that she doesn't want his children, but he still refuses to admit it to himself and instead gets angry and controlling again.

He gets to her bedroom before she does...

And forces her to sleep in his bed with him.

Man, stupid emo boy is back.

Uh oh... they break away before Soames sees them.

Soames is discussing the blueprints with Bosinney, and he calls it an odd design, but he goes with it because he knows that Bosinney is artistic, and he wants an artistic house for Irene.  He also argues with Bosinney about the price (Bosinney went 500 pounds over the agreed price, but emo boy throws a tantrum and Soames just says, "Okay, whatevs.  Do what you want.")

Soames is all, "!!!" when Irene passionately talks about the house, because he's never seen her show so much emotion.  But poor clueless Soames has no idea that all the passion is for Bosinney, not the house.  [side note: OMG, THAT IS SUCH A CHARLIE CREWS FACE!  OMG!]

Soames trying to be jokey with Bosinney, but once again, Soames is completely clueless that Bosinney and Irene are mocking him.

Soames being all proud of himself for hiring Bosinney and calling him, "Quite a find.  You'll get along great with him, Ireney.  You should encourage him."  Of course, we get all kinds of eyebrow raises from Irene because of all the double meanings.  Then Soames asks, "Do you think he's handsome?"  Now... why Soames is asking this, I have no clue.  I kind of wonder if he had a bit of a mancrush on him.  Soames is desperately attracted to objects of beauty, and he prides himself in being able to spot beautiful things, and he sees this unique talent in Bosinney to create beauty, and he completely envies that.  Anyway, Irene's answer is...

"Yes... very."

Soames might be getting a clue here, but I think for the most part he's just thinking, "Ha, I knew he was a good find."

Jolyon and Helena are still in love and still happy, but now Jolyon Sr. has asked them to move with him to the country.  They're conflicted because they like being independent, but Jolyon really misses his dad, and he wants to get to know his daughter June.  So they say yes.

The house so far...

Soames: Huh?  That's not what it looked like in the picture.

Soames getting excited at all the building going on and trying to look important.

Bosinney: *sigh* Not him again.  My artistic ability is beyond his understanding, he doesn't deserve to breathe the same air that I breathe.

Bosinney: So, what do you think? [totally said this in a condescending way]
Soames: ... It's... *stomps foot*  It's solid.
Bosinney: *rolls eyes*

Bosinney has gone 700 more pounds over budget, and Soames is not happy.

Bosinney throws another emo tantrum where he manages to call himself the greatest architect in the world (even though he, you know, hasn't actually made a name for himself yet).

Soames tries to be emo too, but he fails miserably at it (and is so darn adorable to boot).

Soames can't stand being emo because it goes against all the rules of a true Victorian nobleman, and he basically lives for those rules, so he makes up with Bosinney by allowing the budget increase.

Uh oh, busted.

Soames had the cook prepare a special dish in honor of Bosinney.

June and Irene fight over lilies, but really, they're fighting over Bosinney.


What's going on???

Eh, who cares.  Food!

Is shocked at June bringing up the subject of hookers at the dinner table.

Insults Soames.

Angrily sneers at June, and just happens to be puckering here since he's chewing.  He pretty much spent all his chewing scenes glaring at June.

Eye sex again!  Right there in front of their fiance/spouse!

June is so horribly heart broken that her best friend and her fiance could betray her like this.

Soames is completely clueless, as usual.

And now he's completely flabbergasted by June's mysterious anger and hasty leave.

Bosinney: I'm sorry, I must go after her.
Soames: Heh, yeah, good luck, buddy.
Obviously Soames has been on the wrong end of female anger too many times to count.

Soames acts like he's reading the paper, when in actuality he's watching Irene's every move.  He asks who she's writing to.  Irene is writing to his uncle to tell him that she can't ride with him into the country on Sunday (she's trying to keep herself from cheating on Soames, since Bosinney had asked her to meet him at the country house on Sunday and said that she could get the uncle to drop her off).

Soames: You're not canceling on my Uncle are you?  He was looking forward to this.

Can't you at least perform one wifely duty?

Oh, you bet I can. *decides right then and there to cheat on Soames as soon as possible*

Uncle sees Irene and Bosinney sneak off into the woods (they thought he was asleep).  This face says, "Yay!  Gossip!"

Ugh, how can she be kissing emo boy when she has sexy Soames at home?  Seriously, what is wrong with this woman?

Why are you so cold to my son?

Because I hate him.  And no, I do not want to make babies with him, because I'm crazy and blind to how utterly beautiful he is.  Obviously I have bad taste since I'm in love with emo boy.

They fight about the budget yet again, and emo boy throws another tantrum, and Soames gives in again.

Disappointed in himself for being totally pwned by Bosinney.

June gets the shaft from Bosinney...

And lies in bed completely depressed, ready to give up on the world.  This only lasts for a day though.  But this is yet another reflection/foreshadowing of Soames that comes up later, and I didn't even realize that until taking this screencap.  I'll have to do comparison pics when I get to ep 4.

Soames being ridiculously jealous over Darty dancing with Irene and holding her too close.

Irene's not happy with Darty either, especially when he propositions her and says that he knows she's doing it with emo boy.  Irene runs off to the garden (to meet with said emo boy).

Emo boy attacks Darty with far too much bravado and makes this scene comical, which it probably shouldn't be, but it is.

These two are being extra emo together here, expressing their love but not being able to say it. *gag*

Oh, so not cool guys.  You are very publicly humiliating Soames right there, not to mention ripping out his heart.  The rage is definitely bubbling here.

Even Freddie disapproves, and she's the most liberal Forsyte.  She doesn't like seeing her brother get hurt.

The anger is brewing.

How come you don't look at me the way you look at him?

Will you let me go?

Soames: No.
Irene: But you promised you'd let me go if our marriage wasn't a success.
Soames: It would be if you'd behave yourself!

Soames: I should just beat you!
Yeah, here's the rage.  But it disappears when she tries to jump out of the moving carriage.

He apologizes and she pushes him away.  Interesting that this is the most passionate we've seen of Soames so far.  He gets passionate about the wrong things, unfortunately.

He sees that Irene has gone into her separate room and locked it.

He tries to bust the door down.  Obviously Soames doesn't possess Charlie Crews' door busting skills.

He results to pounding on the door like a chimpanzee and shouting "Let me in!  Let me in!  Irene open this door!" at the top of his lungs.

All the fight has gone out of him here, and he's basically given up.  His voice softens again, but he knows it's a lost cause.

And there he is, alone, broken, betrayed, a failure as a husband, and he knows that he's finally lost her for good.  The end is near, and he doesn't want it to come.  He's got so much love to give, but he just doesn't know how to do that. :'(  So, so very tragic, and the most heart breaking ending so far.  There have been quite a few deaths on this show, but absolutely none of them brought tears to my eyes.  But this ending?  It made me tear up.  I just feel his fear and disparity so deeply.  Poor Soames! *hugs him to chest*

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    Guys, Ji Jin Hee is so frickin' dreamy that I am tempted to watch Dong Yi. Which is 63 episodes long. Is it worth it? Did anybody watch this one? It…

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