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11 October 2013 @ 03:32 pm
Drama update + A study in Kim Myung Min...  
Master's Sun and The Good Doctor are the only dramas that I've been able to get into so far this past year. I've finished a couple others, but it was kind of a chore at the end. But Master's Sun and Good Doctor were both excellent from start to finish. Master's Sun had me involved with the OTP in a way that hasn't been done in a long freaking time. They made this drama for me. But it also helped that the plot stayed entertaining. I never really tired of the ghost schtick, and the side players were pretty funny. So, excellent drama, by far my favorite thing that the Hong Sisters have ever written. And So Ji Sub totally won my heart. He should do more comedy. As for Good Doctor, it was just beautifully made all around. Joo Won was excellent with his portrayal of autism, and as the audience we were on his journey and felt his every feeling through and through. Wasn't big on the OTP in this one, but it didn't detract from the drama at all, so no real problem there.

And now I'm left with nothing to watch. I tried Heirs, but it's just so boring. I see potential in a few of the side characters, but the main couple is a freaking snooze fest. I like Lee Min Ho, I'm neutral towards Park Shin Hye, and they aren't lacking chemistry, just... it's one of those stories that have never appealed to me. The drama feels very old school, and I am just not a fan of the Winter Sonata type dramas.

Anyway, I recently rewatched King of Dramas, which reawakened my Kim Myung Min obsession and I am now rewatching every drama and movie of his that I have, which leads me to Beethoven Virus. Just finished watching it for the 7th or 8th time (possibly more), and it still gives me all kinds of emotions when I watch it. Like the scene where Kang Mae tramples all over the bouquet that he had sent to Ru Mi. I think I like to block this moment out of my memory because it’s such an asshole thing to do, so I’m always shocked every time I see it. He couldn’t just let her have that moment? He couldn’t be a good boyfriend for just that once? Just… augh, it frustrates me! And I hate how they only got about one scene where they get to be a cute couple and then the rest is him being awful and her not telling him things because she doesn’t want to lean on him and I’m just like, “Argh, Ru Mi, he’s the man you love. You’re in a relationship with him. You’re supposed to share your burdens with him. Avoiding him does not equal dating.” I mean, it’s hard to blame Kang Mae for being self-involved when she never lets him know what’s going on with her. But he’s also not the world’s greatest boyfriend, and they were adorable before they got together but then it was nothing but problems after that because she was just waiting for him to run away and he was just getting more scared the deeper he fell for her, and… AUGH, SO DAMN FRUSTRATING. And yet I love their love like crazy. BUT THEN HE LEAVES. And tells her to wait for him. And I just want to strangle him and tell Ru Mi to go fall in love with someone else while he’s off satisfying his ambitions. Hmph. But the ending kind of implies that he stays. But kind of not since the last shot is of him and Thoven walking off by themselves. IDK.

As for King of Dramas, this was my first time rewatching it as a whole (while it was airing I watched most of the eps 5 times or so, but never had a big series rewatch). I remember being so in love and swept up with this drama that I thought it was utter perfection, and… well… I can see its flaws now. I still think it’s one of the best dramas out there and very, very underrated, but now I can see where it dragged and how certain storylines were dropped without any explanation. But overall, it was still one kickass ride. I forgot how it made epic excitement out of the most mundane things (and used every drama trope in the book to great affect). And Si Won was so freaking hilarious. And Anthony was such a magnificently well done character. A lot of people said he was too much like Kang Mae, but after watching the dramas back to back, I can see how much more developed Anthony was as a character. He got to slowly change and become a better person by the end of the drama, whereas Kang Mae pretty much stays the same. He gives a little once he starts caring about the orchestra members, but by the end of the drama he’s still pretty much the same Kang Mae that he always was. Anthony, on the other hand, learns how to accept love and trust someone other than himself, and this in turn makes him better at what he does for a living. Anthony did despicable things with very little remorse, whereas Kang Mae just had a difficult personality. Anthony knew how to charm/seduce people, Kang Mae just didn’t give a damn.

IDK, I adore both characters, but I think I love Anthony just a little bit more. He feels more complete than Kang Mae, and quite a bit darker. Kang Mae liked to play at being this awful, indestructible figure, but was actually very sensitive and took everything to heart. His prickly personality was his way of keeping the world at bay so that he didn’t get hurt. Anthony, on the other hand, was a very jaded character without shame, able to do anything to achieve his goals. He didn’t actively push people away, he just… rubbed them the wrong way. But then he found Go Eun and he started trusting her and he became loyal and good and heroic and awesome. Oh, oh, interesting parallel between BV and KoD: they both have scenes where the female lead falls into a body of water, and neither Anthony nor Kang Mae know how to swim. Anthony jumps in to save his lady (but ends up being saved by her), Kang Mae gets someone else to save his lady.