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Uther Pendragon's Loyal Wench
I'm not quite sure why I'm making this list. I guess so that I don't forget that I've already watched something and start watching it again? (which I have already done several times now)

EDIT: There now exists this nifty little website where you can update your drama list and organize it into a database and OMG it's everything I've ever wanted. So, here is my updated list: http://mydramalist.com/dramalist/gbrd1

Drama - Country of Origin - Completed/Completed through Episode # - My Rating (out of 5 stars)

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Uther Pendragon's Loyal Wench
23 January 2016 @ 03:27 pm
This is for my buddy. It's her birthday and she loves those cheesy YA fantasy novels about vampires, so guess what? I wrote a story for her. It's very ridiculous. Happy birthday, Sammie!!!

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Uther Pendragon's Loyal Wench
11 October 2013 @ 03:32 pm
Master's Sun and The Good Doctor are the only dramas that I've been able to get into so far this past year. I've finished a couple others, but it was kind of a chore at the end. But Master's Sun and Good Doctor were both excellent from start to finish. Master's Sun had me involved with the OTP in a way that hasn't been done in a long freaking time. They made this drama for me. But it also helped that the plot stayed entertaining. I never really tired of the ghost schtick, and the side players were pretty funny. So, excellent drama, by far my favorite thing that the Hong Sisters have ever written. And So Ji Sub totally won my heart. He should do more comedy. As for Good Doctor, it was just beautifully made all around. Joo Won was excellent with his portrayal of autism, and as the audience we were on his journey and felt his every feeling through and through. Wasn't big on the OTP in this one, but it didn't detract from the drama at all, so no real problem there.

And now I'm left with nothing to watch. I tried Heirs, but it's just so boring. I see potential in a few of the side characters, but the main couple is a freaking snooze fest. I like Lee Min Ho, I'm neutral towards Park Shin Hye, and they aren't lacking chemistry, just... it's one of those stories that have never appealed to me. The drama feels very old school, and I am just not a fan of the Winter Sonata type dramas.

Anyway, I recently rewatched King of Dramas, which reawakened my Kim Myung Min obsession and I am now rewatching every drama and movie of his that I have, which leads me to Beethoven Virus. Just finished watching it for the 7th or 8th time (possibly more), and it still gives me all kinds of emotions when I watch it. Like the scene where Kang Mae tramples all over the bouquet that he had sent to Ru Mi. I think I like to block this moment out of my memory because it’s such an asshole thing to do, so I’m always shocked every time I see it. He couldn’t just let her have that moment? He couldn’t be a good boyfriend for just that once? Just… augh, it frustrates me! And I hate how they only got about one scene where they get to be a cute couple and then the rest is him being awful and her not telling him things because she doesn’t want to lean on him and I’m just like, “Argh, Ru Mi, he’s the man you love. You’re in a relationship with him. You’re supposed to share your burdens with him. Avoiding him does not equal dating.” I mean, it’s hard to blame Kang Mae for being self-involved when she never lets him know what’s going on with her. But he’s also not the world’s greatest boyfriend, and they were adorable before they got together but then it was nothing but problems after that because she was just waiting for him to run away and he was just getting more scared the deeper he fell for her, and… AUGH, SO DAMN FRUSTRATING. And yet I love their love like crazy. BUT THEN HE LEAVES. And tells her to wait for him. And I just want to strangle him and tell Ru Mi to go fall in love with someone else while he’s off satisfying his ambitions. Hmph. But the ending kind of implies that he stays. But kind of not since the last shot is of him and Thoven walking off by themselves. IDK.

As for King of Dramas, this was my first time rewatching it as a whole (while it was airing I watched most of the eps 5 times or so, but never had a big series rewatch). I remember being so in love and swept up with this drama that I thought it was utter perfection, and… well… I can see its flaws now. I still think it’s one of the best dramas out there and very, very underrated, but now I can see where it dragged and how certain storylines were dropped without any explanation. But overall, it was still one kickass ride. I forgot how it made epic excitement out of the most mundane things (and used every drama trope in the book to great affect). And Si Won was so freaking hilarious. And Anthony was such a magnificently well done character. A lot of people said he was too much like Kang Mae, but after watching the dramas back to back, I can see how much more developed Anthony was as a character. He got to slowly change and become a better person by the end of the drama, whereas Kang Mae pretty much stays the same. He gives a little once he starts caring about the orchestra members, but by the end of the drama he’s still pretty much the same Kang Mae that he always was. Anthony, on the other hand, learns how to accept love and trust someone other than himself, and this in turn makes him better at what he does for a living. Anthony did despicable things with very little remorse, whereas Kang Mae just had a difficult personality. Anthony knew how to charm/seduce people, Kang Mae just didn’t give a damn.

IDK, I adore both characters, but I think I love Anthony just a little bit more. He feels more complete than Kang Mae, and quite a bit darker. Kang Mae liked to play at being this awful, indestructible figure, but was actually very sensitive and took everything to heart. His prickly personality was his way of keeping the world at bay so that he didn’t get hurt. Anthony, on the other hand, was a very jaded character without shame, able to do anything to achieve his goals. He didn’t actively push people away, he just… rubbed them the wrong way. But then he found Go Eun and he started trusting her and he became loyal and good and heroic and awesome. Oh, oh, interesting parallel between BV and KoD: they both have scenes where the female lead falls into a body of water, and neither Anthony nor Kang Mae know how to swim. Anthony jumps in to save his lady (but ends up being saved by her), Kang Mae gets someone else to save his lady.
Uther Pendragon's Loyal Wench
03 October 2013 @ 11:55 am
Augh, this is so utterly perfect:

I will forever hate season 8 for not following through with this fucked up ship. Just... season 8 had SO MUCH POTENTIAL, and then it turned out nothing like what anyone had wanted for the ending of Dexter. Just, blech.
Uther Pendragon's Loyal Wench
02 October 2013 @ 11:52 pm
I said this on my Tumblr (ugh, I can't believe that I'm a Tumblr user now), but I wanted to say it here, too. Super Fun Night is the new love of my life. It was so frakking good and everything I never knew that I wanted in a show. The scene where she's just skipping down the hall and jumps to hit the hanging light (and then it comes crashing down), it's just so something that I'd do and it instantly engaged me with this character. And I love that the guy that she likes is genuinely sweet to her and they really click. Typically in stories like this the guy starts out as a dick, so it's refreshing to have a male lead who already sees how awesome the female lead is. Does he view her romantically or just as a friend? That will probably be the main conflict there, but they are both kind of naive and clueless and not so serious about things, which makes them freaking adorable. Loved the scene where they're scribbling on each other's papers during the meeting, and the scene where he follows her when she mentions that there's cake in the breakroom. THEY ARE JUST TOO DAMN ADORABLE.

But anyway, the show's not even about the romance. It's about Kimmie and her delightfulness and overcoming self-imposed obstacles and being awkward and hanging out with her equally awkward friends and just... I LOVE THIS SHOW. I hope that it stays delightful. And that it sticks around.
Uther Pendragon's Loyal Wench
28 August 2013 @ 12:46 pm
So, apparently I am addicted to those "Draw My Life" videos on YouTube. Every single one I've seen has been so moving and beautiful, even the light-hearted ones that crack me up still manage to make me cry. But this one? Oh gosh, this one is a masterpiece. Still crying right now.

If I was a teacher, this would so be an assignment that I'd make. Except, you know, the editing that it would require would be a little crazy, so maybe not. But OMG, all of these vids are brilliant.
Uther Pendragon's Loyal Wench
01 August 2013 @ 01:56 pm
So... I've started using my Tumblr. A little bit. Still don't like the format, but it's all I've got since LJ refuses to have a fandom revival. *siiiiiigh* I hate that it's nearly impossible to converse with people. You just scroll and heart things and then talk to yourself on your own blog. I guess it's just pure blogging that I don't like. I miss having back and forths with people. But, Tumblr is good for pretty pics/graphics/vids and spoilers. But I feel so exposed every time I post something. Can't control who sees it and who doesn't. But anyway, if you're interested, my fandom blatherings will probably be posted there from now on (except for the more detailed stuff, which will probably still be posted here):


My page is ugly because I have no idea how to change the settings, but at least you can read it (most Tumblr blogs have text that is so incredibly tiny that even my text zoom can't make it readable).

Anyway, I am still obsessing over Dexter, and I am so freaking happy that the latest crop of episodes have inspired fandom to make so many incredible vids:

Auuuuuuuuugh, augh augh augh, so much perfection! The voice overs during the instrumental bit in the last couple minutes are especially soul-wrenching, because OMG the parallels. So many parallels between them that I was vaguely aware of but now are so clear to me. I mean, sometimes Dexter says stuff and I'm like, "Didn't Deb say that to him a couple seasons back?" but I'm not quite sure and I kind of just forget about it, but then this vid confirms it all and it makes me go, "Wow, Dexter really was listening to her. Dexter really does love her." Not that I think he will ever romantically love her (he just can't move her out of the "sister" box that he has her in in his brain), but what he feels for her is stronger than anything he's ever felt about anybody, including Lumen and Hannah (and Rita. I hate that Rita never even registers in Dexter's brain when he talks about love, because the show spent years on him developing genuine feelings for her, but she's basically out of sight out of mind, meaning that all she ever was to him was a cover, which I don't believe). ANYWAY, Deb and Dex are dysfunctional and they are both complete messes but they will always be drawn together no matter what comes between them. Deb freaking tried to kill him and he was only mad for like half a day and then he melted when she said, "I can't imagine my life without you in it." GOD, I LOVE THEM.

Another vid of perfection that basically illustrates everything I've just said:

And a slightly fluffy one, kind of, maybe, not really, but it's pretty:

Also, I saw an interview clip on YouTube where Jennifer Carpenter said that she has always played Deb as having a crush on Dexter but not knowing what it was and that it made sense for the character because she has a level of intimacy with Dexter that she's never been able to achieve with any other man. And, to be honest, I've always felt like Deb was a little too into Dexter, but I never really shipped them until maybe season 5. She had just lost Lundy, who she thought was the love of her life, and he had just lost Rita and Deb was clinging onto Dexter just a little too hard and being really territorial over him and I kind of felt the shipping feelings, but I just assumed that she was projecting her own pain onto Dexter and getting offended over his non-feelings about Rita's death, but then season 6 happened. And I became obsessed, because OMG it just makes so much sense for the character and it's so heartbreaking because Dexter just can't give her what she's looking for and she's freaking out about being in love with her brother, and then in season 7 she has to learn to love him for everything that he is and not everything that she wants him to be, and then in season 8 she's dealing with self-loathing and hating him for doing this to her and hating that she still loves him to death despite everything. Guh. GUH! I love them.
Uther Pendragon's Loyal Wench
13 July 2013 @ 02:10 am
I have done nothing (aside from work) but watch Dexter/Deb vids for the past two days. WHAT IS MY LIFE? Oooooh, it feels so good to finally have a fandom again! I still despise Tumblr, so my fandom experience is limited, but I'm trying. Oh, am I trying! I miss LJ fandom culture so damn much. *cries* But anyway, I am so very happy to finally be passionate about a fandom again. I think the last time I was this fascinated by a ship was... Uther/Morgana? So, that was awhile ago. IDEK when Dex/Deb captured my heart so thoroughly, but I suspect that I was even shipping them without realizing it back in season 5 (I hated Dexter/Lumen with a passion. I used the excuse that it was because I was bitter over Rita's death. Pret-ty sure it was because Deb and Dexter were being all parenty with Harrison and Deb was all "Blech" towards Lumen and I was totally shipping Deb/Dex and feeling wrong about it). But then, well, Deb's therapist suggested that she might be in love with Dexter and everything about her entire character trajectory just made sense. And their love is so painfully beautiful and confusing. And I love that through the entire show it has always been Deb struggling to hold onto Dexter, but now it's the other way around and we are finally seeing the depth of Dexter's love for her. He's never really understood what he felt for Deb, but his little tryst with that Hannah chick where he supposedly fell in love for the first time ever, OMG (what about Rita, you douche?!) made him at least recognize the feeling of love, and he chose Deb over her without even thinking about it, so maybe, juuuuuuust maybe he'll realize that he legit loves Deb more than anything in the world. He even put Harrison in danger because he was so off the handle about Deb in the first ep of season 8. Guh, I just want them to find each other again and accept each other and love each other for all that they are and I want them to do this soon because this is the last season and I can't have them being at odds with each other through all 12 eps. But... yeah, they probably won't make up until one (or both) of them is on the brink of death in the very last episode. *sigh* But here, have some pretty vids:


More beauty under the cutCollapse )

Augh, too much angst. Here's some beautiful, beautiful fluff:

Uther Pendragon's Loyal Wench
11 July 2013 @ 02:45 am
Remember when I made a post about the perfect fanvid song for Game of Thrones? Well, I was wrong, it was meant to be for Dexter. That song shouts Dexter/Deb all the way, especially after watching the first two eps of season 8. OH MY GOD, WHY DID I WATCH? WHY DIDN'T I WAIT UNTIL THE ENTIRE SEASON HAS AIRED? AUUUUUUUGH. I managed to wait last season, but I couldn't this time. I had to see how the show dealt with the fallout of Deb killing La Guerta. Deb is reacting pretty much as expected, but Dexter, OMG, Dexter. I knew he loved her. I freaking knew it. God, his face every time she told him to stay out of her life. HE CAN'T, DEB. HE IS NOT DEXTER WITHOUT HIS DEB. Guh. Guh guh guh. If you had told me back in season 1 that I would be shipping Dexter/Deb I would have looked at you like you were nuts (wait, would I? I need to go back and look). But now? OMG, I love them to death. They are so messed up on every level. I always knew that Deb would be Dexter's downfall, but I always thought it would be because she'd end up arresting him. WRONG. He is so super obsessed with her at this point that he just can't function and she's a freaking mess because of her guilt and disgust with herself and I have this terrible feeling that one of them is going to die this season. Well, obviously Dexter is going to either die or end up in jail since this is the last season, but... he may end up dying trying to protect Deb. Or Deb will end up dying trying to protect him (way more likely). IDK. But yeah, this song is so fitting for them, especially from Deb's POV, because Dexter has always been this oasis for her and now she hates him but wants to love him like she used to and it's pure torture and she just wants to die.

Don’t cry over me.

I know it’s a dark cave and even though it’s far from heaven
Maybe this could be my haven.

Don’t cry over me.

I know it hurts you when I fucking shiver
Well, trust me I was such a strong believer
But what’s the point of searching for that halo
My eyes are blinded and my heart is shallow.

It’s getting worse and worse as I think deeper
It’s just like staring at a burning river
Well, now it’s time stop. Just pull the trigger
I want to end it all. I want it over.